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Camel Milk Therapy

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Camel Milk, because of its tremendous benefits, has been on the radar of health and wellness professionals for a number of years but the reality is that the cost of the product has been prohibitive for regular consumption as a health “food”.

The fact however, is that camel milk should not be considered an alternative to regular cow’s milk, but rather it should be seen for what it really is, a natural treatment that has been proven through clinical research to be effective for a number of illnesses where other natural treatments have not shown a lot of promise as yet. These include:


In a study published in the Journal of Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2013), camel milk was shown to decrease oxidative stress markers and increase production of protective neurotransmitters in kids with autism spectrum disorder. The study showed significant improvement of autistic behaviour according to the recognised Childhood Autism Rating Scale.

In another study conducted in 2005 at the Ben Gurion University, autism was shown to be related to a primary autoimmune condition affecting the gut with secondary neurological deficits. Camel milk showed the ability to reverse the pathologic process in the gut with resultant reversal of neurological deficits. Results showed greater permanency in kids younger than 10 while those older than 10 required longer-term therapy to maintain benefits. The results showed that using camel milk can also prevent brain damage in younger kids with autism.

Leaky gut syndrome & Autoimmune illness

Camel Milk molecular compounds have shown the ability to repair "leaky gut" syndrome and reduce the pathological process of ruminant casein production. This mechanism may be responsible for the benefits seen by drinking camel milk in autoimmune disorders. Camel milk also contains unique immunoglobulins that improve immune function and resistance to illness and infection.

Recovery from serious illnesses

Camel milk has a special composition of long chained polyunsaturated fatty acids, low allergenic proteins, antibacterial and antiviral enzymes, natural insulin and a number of minerals and vitamins that make it perfect for convalescence treatment and recovery from illness, surgery, and childbirth. Camel milk is rich in Vitamin C and also has high concentrations of calcium, iron, and B Vitamins. Camel Milk is already showing benefits for those recovering from weakness and remnant mental issues that are being recorded in different countries. Its use for Covid however is not yet fully tested or approved by health departments.


Camel milk contains a naturally occurring insulin that acts to regulate blood sugar levels and is therefore useful in the treatment of diabetes. Systematic reviews conducted between 2017 and 2018 have shown significant anti-diabetes mellitus effects of Camel milk therapy, with reduced blood sugar, decreased insulin resistance and improved lipid profiles that lasted even three months after cessation of therapy. Together with a fitness plan camel milk can also assist in weight loss.

How to use it:

Organic Camel milk powder produced from free range Kalahari Camels is available in sachet form from Acomed (see link below), who are manufacturers of medical equipment and a range of natural supplements. Each 25g sachet makes a 250ml cup of therapeutic camel milk. For autism, leaky gut, and autoimmune illness a treatment program of 1/2 cup (kids) to 1 cup (youth and adults) a day for 40 days is recommended once per season with a once a week maintenance dose until significant improvement is achieved.

During this treatment time all cow’s milk must be stopped. For recovery from severe viral illness, surgery and other serious conditions a 10-day program is beneficial and also acts to restore healthy gut flora and relieve stomach ulcer formation from anti-inflammatories. Camel milk powder sachets can be used during the illness itself as well as it provides an easy source of nutrition and also treats dehydration. For diabetes, a regular program of long-term use is beneficial with 2 to 5 cups per week for 1 year.

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